Work Study for Industrial/Production Engineers

Tye Management Services Ltd Work Study application that covers 3 disciplines of Work Study

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An activity sampling application that can be used for random or fixed interval recordings.
The app. allows either rated or unrated studies.
Designed for the work study professional by work study professionals for ease of use in the workplace. Activities/elements and operators can be added, removed or paused at any point during the sample. Activities can be merged to allow shorter sample duration when small activities are grouped.
The app also automatically calculates the percentage complete of the overall sample so you need not waste additional time over recording.
The analysis is completed at the touch of a button and is sent via email straight to your inbox, in Excel format making analysis a breeze!

At last a stopwatch app that measures time not in seconds but in centi-minutes. A must for all continuous improvement and work study professionals, the stopwatch allows easy calculation for your time study as we can now calculate using decimal portions of a minute.

Why pay for an expensive stand alone stopwatch that can be hard to carry and cumbersome to use, when you can now simply whip out your smartphone and start taking time samples on your ergonomic and lightweight device.

The centi-minute stopwatch has been designed and created by work study professionals for work study professionals, to ensure you have the watch that suits our trade. A simple design uses just start, finish and lap buttons and the watch shows all of the previously recorded times on screen in a scroll format, handy if you forget to record one of your times.

We are work study professionals and we think this is the fastest way to take a time study.
The app lets you set up the elements and operator before the study start, but will also let you add elements at any point during the study.
The time study app will also let you interrupt any element with another element, ideal if the operator does something out of order or performs an occasional element or foreign element.
The study error is automatically calculated at zero, as the study will never have any time errors as it uses the internal clock and assigns all time to the desired elements.
Rating is taken care of in a very simple method, when an element is finished a rating selection box appears for you to select at one finger stroke.
Once the study is set up and running, the analyst needs only press the element selection button on screen followed by the rating selection button and then continue with all elements and observations until the study is complete.
At completion the analyst just needs to send the report via simple button presses. the report is then sent to you inbox immediately in an Excel spreadsheet format.
This just leaves the analyst to select the correct frequencies and the study calculates itself automatically.
Click on the download link and enjoy it.  Download

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